The difference between a living vampire from a psychic vampire


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Living Vampires (Strigoi Vii) are natural energy sensitive individuals who pursue a magical and initiatory path seeking the Quest of Immortality of the Self. They gather on the radiated life-force (prana, chi, ki) from humans in a consensual, noble and safe manner as to not harm or violate their donors. They do not have an energy deficiency or damaged chakras, but use this life-force to reinforce and train their subtle bodies in the pursuit of defeating the Second Death of the personality.

Psychic vampires are defined in two catagories:
- Traditional psychic vampires are what most people consider psychic vampires in the mainstream and many are unawakened ethical psychic vampires.
- Ethical who are aware of their condition and feed in a responsible manner from consensual donors and from excess energies to maintain their emotional and energetic health. Their subtle bodies have an energy deficiency as it cannot generate enough life-force or emotional energy to remain stable.
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