strigoi vii

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    The difference between a living vampire from a psychic vampire

    Living Vampires (Strigoi Vii) are natural energy sensitive individuals who pursue a magical and initiatory path seeking the Quest of Immortality of the Self. They gather on the radiated life-force (prana, chi, ki) from humans in a consensual, noble and safe manner as to not harm or violate...
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    Strigoi Vii - Path of the Living Vampyre

    All we have to go upon are traditions and superstitions. These do not at the first appear much . . . Yet must we be satisfied, in the first place because we have to be, no other means is at our control, and secondly, because, after all these things, tradition and superstition, are everything...
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    The Ordo Strigoi Vii Mission

    The Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV) was a fraternal initiatory organization dedicated to serve as central forum for those pursue Strigoi Vii: Path of the Living Vampire Witch. Founded in 2002 in Amsterdam, with its premiere temple in the center of the city by three original members. The Order exists...
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    The Dragon Ouroborous

    The Symbol of the Strigoi Vii path is the Dragon Ouroboros... More information coming soon.
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    Carpathian Vampires - a Historical Myth of the Strigoi Vii

    Excerpt from Weiser’s Field Vampire Guide to Vampires, by J M Dixon (Weiser Books, October 2009) The real Dracula was not the first vampire nor was he the origin of the vampire myths. Infact, Vlad Dracula grew up in a beautiful land rich with vampiric folklore, and he likely used that folklore...