A brief history of the OSV (Ordo Strigoi Vii)


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The Order of the Living Vampire, or formally the Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV), was officially established early in the twenty-first century by the direction of the Ancestors. With its beginnings in meetings before this, members of the Sanguinarium realized there was a calling to form an esoteric fraternal and initiatory order to further the preservation and prosperity of the more evolved Strigoi Vii Vampyre Mysteries. The OSV is very separate and at the same time in equilibrium with Father Sebastiaan’s Sabretooth Clan and the Sanguinarium, which consists mostly of dayside philosophical Vampyres. Over the years it has evolved, developed, and fostered traditions, philosophies, and magickal experiments, which have been copied and modified by countless other groups.

Even though the OSV is an elite, sovereign, highly selective invitation-only order, it has worked with, befriended, inspired, guided, and honored many other traditions of Vampyrism and vampirism. Nevertheless, the OSV remains neutral, independent, and completely free of any formal affiliations. This flexibility has allowed an inward focus on the collective Zhep’r of the Strigoi Vii Mysteries and has allowed it to influence and be influenced on terms which benefit the collective membership at the time.

When I met Father over the Internet in the late 1990s, I was a member of the Temple of the Vampire and the Church of Satan, both of which greatly inspired me and drew me to their teachings and philosophies, but I could not fully come into agreement with using the image of Satan as my sole definition of inspiration and focus. This eventually led me to become a co-founder of the Ordo Strigoi Vii.

In contrast to Father, I am a highly secretive and private individual, a description which represents a vast majority of the other True Vampyres I have met. Many would find it unusual that I am a mother of four, yet I hold perspectives that are hard, no-nonsense, Darwinistic, predatory, and opinionated. I hold no public image, have no desire for fame, and only wish to inspire the select few who pass through the gates of the OSV’s sanctums. Settling to this reality, none shall cross me or my nightside or dayside Families, for both are separate, yet equal, in my heart.

On my request, in 2010 the OSV officially adopted the sigilium of the Legacy Ouroborous, which is representative of the new direction and which, as of this writing, remains secret. However, through the books Vampyre Sanguinomicon and Vampyre Magick, we share our mysteries. Father Sebastiaan has graciously offered to compose and direct these projects as a contribution to the Family. We strive to select the best quality candidates and seekers for our order through sponsorship and application. This screening process lets us select the most sincere and dedicated individuals who will stand out as role models of the Strigoi Vii Mysteries. To this date this formula remains a discrete secret and only known to the Synod, the Spiritual and administrative body of the OSV.

Ronin are those who practice the Strigoi Vii Mysteries in whole or in part and are not members of the Order; these solitary individuals who, either by choice or by not having been accepted to the Order, represent the vast majority of those who practice Strigoi Vii. Some Ronin will eventually be accepted to the Order, whilst others choose to remain solitary. One major misconception is that Ronin are looked down upon by the order; actually, they represent the two extremes of diversity amongst those who imbue Vampyric Current.

Black Swans are dayside Vampyres and have adopted, inspired, or been touched by the Vampyre Current. They represent those close to the Vampyre Spirit, be they lovers, friends, fang clients of Father, performers at events, or people who simply enjoy our company. Many Black Swans embrace the Dayside Mysteries as a philosophical path on their own terms through the outer teachings known as Black Veils.

Whatever the relationship with the Mysteries, be it Initiate, Black Swan, or Ronin, everyone is on what the Freemasons have called “The Scale,” each on an equal level, although on different portions of the path, exploring each in their own way.

Let this book serve your own interests; we share our knowledge, ceremonies, and mysteries with the world through this text. Let it inspire, challenge, and set you free; whatever the case, what you benefit is yours. However, within the Order we continue to experiment and prosper as flexible yet defined spiritual philosophers of the Vampyre Community.

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Summer 2011
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